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What we do?

Bemind is a mental wellness app

Our goal is to create an app that will help people deal with their emotions properly. Bringing attention to emotions and tracking emotions can help people get control back into their life. Also because I am not a mental professional there will be helplines and information for those suffering to get professional help. The first step is getting help. It’s an app to help people motivated to get help.
This app is solely for people who have got professional help with their mental health. We suggest that you contact your local GP or Counselor if you feel you are suffering from mental health problems. There is help out there.


Deep breathing is an exercise that allows you to destress and reduce anxiety in the body. When you take deep breathes in you are telling your brain to calm and relax. When a person is stressed the heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster and blood pressure becomes high, to reduce all of that you can draw your attention to your breathing and take deep breathes in to help.
Bemind can help you with this. Within our app, we have an exercise that allows you to draw your attention to your breathing and help you destress and reduce anxiety. Following the animation can help you become a healthier person.

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Writing down your problems can be very helpful for your mental health. Overthinking can make the problem bigger than it is. Therefore, by writing, you are forced to focus on a specific problem, making it real and seeing just of small it is. This is a very good way to understand your problems, which can help to solve them. Seeing the problem wrote out has proven to help reduce overthinking and stress.
We have a tool that can help you write your problem down, without wasting paper. Write your problem with confidence and privacy. You will have the option to delete it forever or keep it. If you wish to delete it forever you can use some of our fun animation which can help improve your mood. Burn it, shred it or let it float away. This tool can help with stress, focusing, calming down and discovering what your next goal is.


We all have emotions and moods. Some people have very even temperaments and their moods are mostly stable. Others can go from happy to anxious to depressed to euthymic quite quickly.Tracking your mood can be helpful in self help and uncovering underlaying problems.
When tracking you moods you are able to see triggers and accuring themes. There might be times that you won’t even realize what it is that could have set you off, but if you track it like this then it could give you a better idea of the things that were going on in the day so that you can have a better understanding of what those triggers are.


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  • Are you stressed out?
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  • We offer exercices to help you focus on yourself and help you become a better you. Our main purpose is to give you a personalised app that you can use anytime.


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    We are not a health care professional. If you are feeling depressed, down, suicidal or any other mental problems please visit your local GP. Thank you
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